Biomaterial Sensitivity Test

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Sensitivity and Implants

Incidence of Allergy

About Arthrollergen

Test Results

Case Study

Paul H. Wooley PhD

Orthopaedic Research Institute


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The Orthopaedic Research Institute

The Orthopaedic Research Institute, founded in 1987, is a not-for-profit Kansas Corporation devoted to applied research and development in support of orthopaedics and other medical specialties. ORI is wholly owned and operated by Via Christi Hospital in Wichita. The institute has a strong emphasis in the design, development and testing of orthopaedic implants, surgical instrument, and related hardware and software systems. ORI also engages in educational and publishing activities for the dissemination of medical information to the public and of technology to the medical community. The institute's staff and affiliates include physicians, engineers, materials scientists, technicians, resident surgeons, graduate students and consulting faculty members from several universities who collaborate in a stimulating interdisciplinary environment.

The Institute has extensive facilities for testing materials and components, both in simulated body environments and on human cadavers. Backed up with industry leading computational engineering design and analysis capabilities, our interdisciplinary setting has proven to be an innovative and productive venue for solving medical, engineering and material science problems.

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Dr. Paul Wooley